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Inter-Cultural Activates: Apart from traditional Indian Classical music, Sandip has a deep interest and affection towards the different genre of world music and musicians. He has collaborated with many distinguished overseas musicians and has been able to draw his impression as a good composer as well as music arranger in world music sector.

1. Nuokollin Jazz Orchestra

In Germany he has worked with a famous Jazz Group named “Nuokollin Jazz Orchestra in 1998.

2. Clacutta Express

His collaboration also include with famous Jazz Guitarist Mr.Guy Strazzullo ( from Australia in the year 2004. The concept goes with the elements of Indian raga co-exist with Brazilian and Afro Cuban forms.

The Band Calcutta Express and Recording

When I first heard Guy Strazz’s music and masterful skills on the guitar I became interested in the possibility of collaborating with him. In February 2004, with unequivocal enthusiasm and supported by a grant from OzCo, Guy decided to travelled to Calcutta in my invitation.

The pieces for this collaboration were composed over a period of six weeks and rehearsed in Kolkata for about a week before the recording took place at KUSUM Studio on 24-28 February 2004. We incorporate short alap, rhythmic devices such as ti-hai and melodic tans (rhythmic-melodic unisons idiomatic in Indian classical music, s similar approach is also found in Latin-jazz fusion. We also employed harmonics, bends, slides, string-tapping amongst several techniques idiomatic to the guitar and the santoor.  Tabla artist Biplab Bhattacharya, a ‘young lion in Calcutta’, gatam player Somnath Roy and vocalist Suchi Roy contribute to this recording with joy and creativity.  I feel privileged to be part of this recording and to have begun a journey of discovery alongside Guy Strazz . This production has been has been released in India by Underscore Record Company ( Mumbai )

3. Shanti

In the year 2007 in Italy, Sandip has collaborated with the famous Italian English Flute and Saxophone player Claudio Gigilio and percussionist Fulvio Farkas ( Darbuka, Cajon, Tabla , Zambe) . Their ensemble in the name of “Shanti” performed in many World Music festival in Italy and other part of Europe. Very soon their recording is going to release from a good music company.

Mind Sneekers

Sandip has also collaborated in the concept of Indo-French collaboration with the two famous French musician Mishko M’ba ( Bass Guitar ) and Suresh Bascara ( Drum ) Apurba Mukherjee ( Tabla and Indian percussion ) Sourav ray ( Keyboard and effects) in Kolkata in September 2007.
The recording incorporate as Indian classical music, similarly approach is also found in Latin-jazz fusion.


In the year 2009 he has collaborated with famous Swedish Saxophonist Elin Larsson in the name of “Emotion”. He invited her in Kolkata to start the concept and the collaboration recorded in Kolkata which includes the perfect blending of Indian Classical and Folk with Swedish Jazz and Folk music.

4. Feelings (East Meets west)

In the year 2003, Sandip  created a fusion band in the name of “FEELINGS “which includes  Santoor , Flute ( bamboo) , Vocal( Indian and western) ,Keyboards ,Percussion ( Indian and afro Cuban )  based on Indian Classical as well as Indian different folk music, which has been acclaimed by the listeners several time in the different parts of India. He has invited several musicians as guest artist to present his FEELINGS FUSION BAND in different aspect… 2009 he worked with famous Italian guitar player Giuliano Modarelli under the concept of East meets west…

In the year 2011, Sandip was also been invited by famous French musician Titi Robin to work in his production ( Les RIVES ) under the banner of Blue Frog India… It was such a great pleasure to work with him
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