Calcutta Express

April 18, 2024
Sandip Chatterjee

CD Details

Prior to the recording Mr. Guy Strazz had collaborated with several indian musicians like Pt. Asoke Pathak, Pt.Viswamohan Bhatt etc.. When Guy heard pt. Sandip Chatterjee’s masterful skills on the Santoor became very interested for a possible collaboration , which brought this CD “Calcutta Express”..
Guy was invited by Sandip in Kolkata in 2004 February .. Both of them came across together and sat with musical notes and created the unique production called “Calcutta Express” … Together they enjoyed the collaboration immensely and the synergy between the musicians and friendship … The music together they created can be described as hybrid of Bengali Folk, Hindustani Classical and Afro-Brazilian style under the banner of contemporary World Music ..
Tabla player – Biplab Bhattacharya , a young tabla virtuoso in Kolkata , Somnath Ray – Ghatam and vocalist – Suchi Roy contribute to this recording with great sensitivity and joy …


Musician Details

Pt. Sandip Chatterjee – Santoor
Guy Strazz – 7 String East-West Guitar, Bass
Biplab Bhattacharya – Tabla & Pakhawaj
Somnath Roy – Ghatam , Nepali madol , and other percussion
Suchishree Roy – Vocal ( Veena Deveena)
Gora Chand – Effects
Adrian Mcneil- Sarod ( Teena De Healer)

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