Lyrical Fusion

April 18, 2024
Sandip Chatterjee

About The CD

“INRECO” Presents a New collaboration between Santoor and Urdu Songs 2017 in an album, ‘Lyrical Fusion’ Pandit Sandip Chatterjee on Santoor (Instrumental), recitation and vocals by Susmita Basu Majumdar (Adaa) and male vocals by Arunasish Roy, Pritam Chakraborty on percussion and AvikGanguly on Keyboard.When notes of Santoor blend with Lyrical poetry and Indian classical alap and Bandish Lyrical Fusion is created. It is a sonorous treat for music lovers and connoisseurs of Hindi and Urdu poetry.

PanditSandip Chatterjee, one of the most talented Santoor players of his generation was musically inclined from a very tender age. Apart from traditional Indian Classical music, Pandit Sandip Chatterjee has a deep interest and inclination towards different genres of world music. He has collaborated with many distinguished musicians in the country and abroad. His expertise as a composer and music arranger has also been acclaimed worldwide.

Susmita Basu Majumdar, also known by her pen name “Adaa” is a talented artist who has not only composed the lyrics for the songs of this album but has also written and recited the poems in the album. She lives and breathes poetry and loves composing lyrics for songs of all genres in Hindi and Urdu including ghazals. Her lyrics have been rendered by several artists. Besides this she is a Professor of Ancient Indian History and Culture in the University of Calcutta, Kolkata. In this album she has also rendered a song titled‘Jashn-e-Adaa’.

This album “Lyrical Fusion” is an exclusive blend of Hindustani Classical and semi-classical instrumental infused with poetic and lyrical recitations. On Santoor Pandit Sandip Chatterjee, Poetry and vocals by Susmita Basu Majumdar (Adaa) and male vocals by Arunasish Roy. On Tabla and other percussion instruments is Pritam Chakraborty and on the keyboard is AvikGanguly. Music for the album is composed by Pandit Sandip Chatterjee …

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