Soul Mates

June 22, 2024
Sandip Chatterjee

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When there is a strong affinity between two people,they are referred as Soul- Mates. Th the world of Indian Classical music one of the best Jugalbandi pair has been pt. Shivkumar Sharma and Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia whith their respective instruments the santoor and the bansuri , they have enthralled audiences around the world , both,individually as well as together. Taking this legacy forward, are the two young artiste of the present generation , Santosh Shant on the Flute and Sandip Chatterjee on the Santoor. Soul- Mates is their tribute album to these two legendary artistes.

The album opens with a composition in Raga DURGA , a popular raga of the Bilaval Thaat which is usually performed in the second quarter of  the night . In this track , the two artistes are seen offering homage to Goddess Durga. They have improvised the track to give it a devotional feel while retaining the traditional flavor of the raga. Raga Shivranjani, which is usually perceived as a mid-night raga for light compositions , both , for singing as well as instrumental music. In a slight devitation, in thisd track, the artistes have presented in raga in its pure classical form with appropriate elaborations and improvisations. the overall feel of the track is that of romance, thus making it a delight for the listener .The concluding track in raga Mishra Piloo is a Dhun. this raga is known to be perform at the third quarter of the day. A soothing track,this beautiful composition highlights the perfect tuning of not just the 2 instruments but also the 2 talented artistes , There by justifying the titlt Soul-Mates.
Tabla – Pt. Samar Saha
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