Valley Again

April 18, 2024
Sandip Chatterjee

CD details

Since time immemorial , Indian Classical music has had its unique qualities. The practitioners of Indian Classical Music have pursued it not only at a professional level level but have accepted it as integral part of human life, encompassing every emotion. Devotion has played a major role as a Hindu deities have been inextricably connected with music. These very Gods and Goddesses have been responsible for the myriad gift bestowed upon us. Gifts such as the Earth, the sky , water and ether are some of the invaluable we have received, which as a package, we refer to as Nature. The beauty lies in the fact is present in every pore of these natural elements. Thus it is imperative for us to be aware of this divine secret and and also spread this awareness among mankind. to appreciate this intrinsic beauty of nature, could there be a better vehicle other than music itself ? Valley-Again is a humble offering to rid mankind of stress and awaken consciousness, besides attempting to reveal nature’ mystery. Just as a visit to a beautiful place stirs in us a joyous reaction, tempting us to sing aloud and lose ourselves in the magic of the musical notes, the music of Valley- Again have a similar soul.

Artiste details

Santoor – Pt. Sandip Chatterjee
Flute – Pt. Santosh Shant
Pakhawaj/ Taal Tarang – Pt. Bhawani Shankar
Tabla – Prafulla Athalye
Percussion – Deepak Borkar
Guitar – Amit Roy

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