Shatarangee Veena

My Work & Invention

I being a student of Indian Classical Music ,learning Santoor last 36 years and realized the delicacy of Santoor as per as the sound and tuning of the instrument is concern. Basically its sound is so delicate and soft which cannot be amplified without very good quality microphones. Even on stage when it collaborates with other Indian or western instrument / rhythm, sometime gets problem of feedback to make equal gain with other instrument until you are not getting very good sound engineers.

So the above problem which I had suffered many times, forced me to think some solution which can solve this technical problem at any circumstances. So this tought inspired me to convert the acoustic Santoor into electric form to solve the matter and also to explore next generation sound. After many research finally I have been able to give a shape of my new invention, Electric Santoor (“Shatarangee Veena”). It is solid body, smaller in size and width than conventional Santoor, where I used six pickups to catch the sound of every courses equally. Octave wise it is same like acoustic Santoor , but its sound can be explain the mixture of Santoor,Piano, Guitar and Harpsichord – very worm and distinct . Basically Acoustic Santoor has  own reverb which has been more emphasized and can be modulated by controlling its “Tone” and “Sound” knobs manually as per necessity.

I have given the name of this electric version  “Shatarangee  Veena”,as its sound I can modulate by various way using lots of sound gadgets and processor, which  reflects plenty of interesting sounds ,can be explain as Rangoli of sounds. So, here the name “Shatarangee” — indicates One hundred colours of sound.    I am quite sure that the sound and the look of my new Shatarangee Veena will cover the satisfaction of every age listeners.

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